Identification of Leaf Disease based on Artificial Intelligence

1G Manoj Kumar, S Girirajan


Now a days, identification of diseases in plants has become very difficult in agriculture field. Having malady in plants are quite natural but if correct measures and care isn’t taken then it causes adverse effects on plants. These effects may reduce the product quality as well as productivity. Since agriculture has been contributing a lot to the Indian economy, it is important to automate the identification and detection of plant diseases. In our paper, the ML model makes use of Transfer Learning. We used Teachable Machine, a web-based tool that makes creating ML models fast and easy. The new version Teachable Machine 2.0 makes AI easier for everyone. It builds a light weight network based on MobileNetV2.It performs Deep Learning tasks directly on the clients for better privacy and timely response (Browsers). Along with advancement in Computer Vision and increasing smartphone use made possible via Deep Learning, paved the way for smart-assisted disease diagnosis. The trained model achieves an accuracy of 99% on testing dataset.


Transfer Learning, TensorFlow, MobileNetV2, Teachable Machine V2.0, Deep Learning, KNN Classifier, Keras, POSTGRESQL, Flask

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