Predicting Intention to Quit by Work-life Balance through Work Satisfaction Among Career Women in Middle Management Position of BUMN Banking Sector in Indonesia

1Silvy Sondari Gadzali, Joeliaty, Hilmiana, Yunizar


The purpose of this study is to obtain a description of the intention to quit by Work-life balance through work satisfaction among career women in the Middle Management Position of BUMN Banking Sector in Indonesia. The efforts of employees to leave the organization have an impact on the balance, effectiveness of organizational functions, and increase the potential loss due to the costs incurred. Applied Research uses a type of Descriptive Research and Verificative Explanation research with quantitative analysis designs. The research population is 203 career women in the Middle Management Position of BUMN Banking Sector. Descriptive hypothesis testing using statistical techniques Weighted Mean Score (WMS) and Cross-Tabulation, for verification research using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method analysis. The findings show the intention to quit can be predicted from Work-life balance through work satisfaction. Work-life balance plays an important role in increasing work satisfaction for career women who have Middle Management positions. Work satisfaction for women in Middle Management positions can reduce Intention to Quit by paying attention to the factors of work encountered, an award given by the company, a good working relationship between the managers and co-workers, and fair treatment from the company. Importance to ensure the balance of life and satisfaction to minimize Intention to Quit especially for career women who are married. Research respondents were limited to women at the management level in BUMN. This study has a value not only in the BUMN banking sector but also can be used for the private banking sector and other industries sectors, especially related to the company’s policies to lower the turnover rate of women employees. The study was only conducted in groups of women at the middle management level. Factors of cultural variation as confounding factors of research results are difficult for researchers to control.


Intention to Quit, Work-Life Balance, work satisfaction, Middle Management, Banking Sector

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