The Effect of Special Exercises Pursuant to Strength Reserves On Maximum Strength And Top of Electric Activity Of Muscles *EMG* Of Weightlifters

1Dr. Ghassan Adeeb Abdulhassan, Dr. Ali Ahmed Hadi, Dr. Hussein khmais Hussein


To get acquainted with the types and forms of strength and not to confuse each other, it was necessary to address the issue of force reserves that are trained with a negative range of movement and with an intensity greater than 100%. This concept in the type of training has been the subject of controversy about how to define the training framework with extreme intensity, which some believe is itself the maximum force, while our research focuses on identifying this type of strength, the field situation conforms that it is (the super strength ) and the most important research objectives come to identify the following:Knowing the effect of special exercises according to the strength reserves in the maximum strength of the weightlifters. The researchers have chosen a random sample of (6) students from the College of Physical Education and Sports Science / University of Baghdad for weightlifting players, and the researchers have conducted tests for the maximum strength of legs and arms on the research sample. The results have been obtained and statistically treated using the statistical bag (SPSS). The most important conclusions are as follows:The exercises according to the force reserves came with positive returns on maximum strength and electrical activity top.


force reserves - peak electrical activity

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