Evaluation of the effect of cigarette smoking on interleukin-4

1Ahlam, K. Abed, waleed,A. Hassen, Mustafa,A.Salman


Cigarette smoke have adverse effects on the control of allergic sensitization and Bronchitis. Also, numerous Studies related to IL-4 have been revealed a huge of information on the different roles for this cytokine in homeostatic regulation and disease pathogenesis. 100 is the total number of subjects who were participated in our study and suffering bronchitis, 50 of them were smokers, other 50 subjects were non-smoker as controls. Our study lasted for four months Between November 2019 and the end of February 2020; smokers consumed 30-60 cigarettes a day regularly for at least five years. Also, Smokers have had respiratory allergies. The ethical guidelines accepting forma were taken and signed by each volunteer Blood samples were collected via GEL & Clot Activator 3-5ml blood tubes to separate the IL-4 serum. The total amounts of IL-4 were significantly elevated in bronchitis diseased for smokers subjects compared to non-smoker subjects, whereas IL-4 showed a positive relationship to the bronchitis smokers' status, and low amounts were found in the non-smoker's group. Our present outcome concluded that IL-4 shows a correlation to expulsion. That promotes the production of inflammatory cytokines together in the presence of smoking as stress and the illness.


Cigarette smoke, IL-4, cytokine

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