Language Peculiarities of the Official Letters of Abulkhair Khan’s Era

1Umit Kydyrbayeva, Nazim Shuinshina, Ekrem Ayan, Gulzat Rayeva, Maira Zhunissova, Lelya Bugenova


In order to study the history, language, cultural and spiritual values and social status of one country, the role of written monuments is great. One of the most significant manuscripts in the history of the Kazakh people is the official letters written in the khan’s era of XVII-XIX centuries. The content of these letters, written by the Kazakh khans, was also varied in internal content. Since 1732, the original of the letters sent by the Kazakh khans and sultans to the heads of neighboring states and governors was stored in manuscripts of Kazakhstan and Russia. Most of these letters were in the form of application, statement, declaration, and notification. In this article, a brief analysis of the linguistic peculiarities of the official letters of the young khan Abulkhair to Russian kings and ambassadors are made. In the course of the study, the peculiarities of the letters will be studied in detail. Separated language features will be studied individually and the similarities and peculiarities of the modern Kazakh language will be compared. It will also describe the characteristic of spelling, phonetic, lexical and morphologically specific features. In conclusion, the purpose of the studied article is to define the linguistic peculiarities found in the official documents of the XVIII century by studying the history of the Kazakh language. It is also an analysis of the linguistic features with the contemporary modern Kazakh language.


phonetics, morphology, Kazakh, Abulkhair Khan, set phrase.

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IssueIssue 8