Consumer Satisfaction in E-shopping: A Factor Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in Malaysia

1Sayang Nurshahrizleen Ramlan, Intan Maizura Abd Rashid and Irza Hanie Abu Samah


This study is taking place to analyse the factors that might affect the customer’s online purchasing dissatisfaction using E-Shopping. When the customers are unsatisfied with a selective online shop, they will not repeat purchasing at there or might as well banned the shop. Customer satisfaction is the consequence of customer experience through different stages of purchase as the customers cannot physically contact with the products when they bought the products and they are only based on the information provided by the sellers. Generally, the benefit of online purchasing is merely depends on the customer satisfaction during their time to purchase the product or service. The importance of this study is to focus on the awareness, satisfaction level and problems that had been faces by customers especially teenagers on online purchasing. Hence, the result of this research might be useful for customers who always do online purchasing. Lastly, lack of product’s information and fraud and security was found that have a significant effect on factors affecting customers’ online purchasing dissatisfaction with a significance level of (sig. t = 0.005) with a positive beta.


E-Shopping, Determinants of Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Products, Fraud & Security, Delivery, Product’s Information.

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