Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System to Identify the Authenticated Owner of Vehicles

1R. Lalitha, B. Sree Lekha, G. Guhaspuran, P. Krishnan and R. Abishek


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the primary source of Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System. Number Plate Recognition system is a security system, which plays a significant role in identifying the owner of a vehicle. In case of suspicion, the traffic policemen verify the license copy and other documents related to the vehicle. As it is time consuming and difficult, the Number Plate Recognition system is suggested in this paper. The images of the number plate of the vehicles are scanned and stored in a repository in the system along with the information of the owner. When a suspected vehicle is scanned by the policemen, it generates One-time password to the owner of the vehicle. Once it is processed, the information about the vehicle and the owner will be displayed. Thus, it helps to identify whether the vehicle is used by the authenticated user and thus helps to find the vehicles that are stolen. ML Kit algorithm is used for implementation process.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Vehicle Number Plate Recognition, Image Processing, ML Kit, Vehicle Theft.

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