A Roadmap to Application Integration Using IoT Cloud Platform

1Dr.B. Meenakshi Sundaram and Dr.R. Thirukkumaran


Internet of Things (IoT) provides an opportunity to connect all dumb and net-aware physical devices. The cloud helps to store, compute and to do analytics services on need basis. Providing storage facility for managing IoT data is more complex. The Cloud IoT platform solves this kind of scalability issues to great extent. The IoT is all about the sensors, the inter-process-correlation of sensors makes a specific application and it also depends on the divisional components and its pattern of interaction. The cloud IoT platform provides the range of solution to help the easy storage and efficient process of the IoT data. The competent platforms available are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Watson. In this paper, we like to annotate the fundamental components in all these architectures and creating procedural checklist to ease the understanding under one review through broad literature analysis. Secondarily to substantiate these components its detailed features are analyzed for its impact. This paper also suggests the guideline mechanism for deriving solutions across different market verticals application integration using IoT Cloud Platforms.


IoT Cloud Platform, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Watson, AWS, Oracle Cloud, BigTable, BigData, NoSQL, Ontology, OLAP, Zookeeper, Procedure Checklist etc.

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