A study about the Online Shopping Cart Abandonment-Analysing the Moderation Effect of Perceived Risk

1Dr. Krithika.M, Dr.Jainab Zareena


The purpose of the examination is to consider the coordinating impact of online shopping risk perception on the disclaiming of the online shopping cart and hedonic motivation, utilitarian motivation. The data gatheredfrom the online shopping respondents over a standardized questionnaire. The Hayes procedure statistical examination, which used to break down the impact of online shopping, perceived risk on the abandoning of the web shopping carts. The data analysis revelations show that online information search and shopping tendencies are, in a general sense, affected by hedonic and utilitarian motivation. The journey for searchingfor information is a noteworthy marker of the objective to buy on the web. Hedonic and utilitarian motivations are the essential components impacting the demand and purchase needs of online information. Retailers need to make locales that advance a pleasant online experience. It will attract customers for an increasingly drawn-out period who will scrutinize the site. Further time spent searching for information will improve the trust and loyaltyamong online consumers.


Online Shopping cart abandonment, Shopping Motivations, Hedonic motivation, Utilitarian motivation, Online Buying Behaviour, Perceived risk.

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