The Efficient Economic Decision-Making Strategies, Analysis and Opinion Polls on the Indian Financial Market

1Dr. Vasa. Prabhakar


Stock market is a very dynamic structure with a broad variety of variables influencing movement path at various speeds and rates. The theory of a productive organization. Proposes a better organization. It's really complicated to work out the way up or down. The last 20 years have had a huge influence on the Indian financial market by the usage of Internet apps. Through acquiring stock market rank through the Internet, companies may acquire and sell their shares anywhere, growing obstacles for investors and the geographical position.This work is intended to incorporate several established methods in a much more comprehensive model of estimation, capable of handling multiple investment benefits scenarios. There can be very few current methods, such as cognitive intelligence or neural network techniques, which lead to wrong results in various scenarios. Investors need to forecast the stock market before they invest. Throughout today's digital environment, cloud computing, big data processing and sensing research change our business practices. The NLP (Text Mining) is used to describe and gather contextual knowledge, to analyses the individual's thoughts, potential concepts, actions and emotions. This study makes it important to examine the sentiments of market indices such as Sensex and Nifty, for the forecasting of stock price. We draw conclusions and speak at long last about future work. Through integrating these approaches, this approach will provide more detailed and scalable suggestions. Integration of technical indicators should direct investors in risk reduction and increased returns.


Stock Market Prediction, Text Mining, Sensex and Nifty, NSE Stock, Forecasting of Stock Price.

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