Smart Farming Using Artificial Immune System Algorithm and Image Processing

1T. Suman and G. Srinivasa


For any Developing country like India Agriculture plays an important role and Contribute major part of income to the country, so there is a need to grow and increase the yield effectively. In order to achieve above objectives one has to monitor on the diseases stating from plantation to harvesting. In this paper we made an attempt to use Artificial Immune System(AIS) and image processing to (i) Identify the diseases on fruits like Grapes and Apple (ii) Grading of fruits. Disease identification aims different features like color, texture and shapes. Which are considered as feature vectors in this work. To extract color feature HSV histogram value concept is used, for texture wavelet transform method and for shape morphology methods are used. After extracting the above said features we used AIS algorithm as a classifier to classify the diseases and it is observed that the color and morphology shows better results than texture. Grading of fruit aims fruit segmentation which calculates healthy and infected portion of fruit. At the end we practically implemented AIS algorithm and results are obtained from MATLAB.


Smart Farming, Artificial Immune System, Image Processing and Fruit Grading.

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