The Past is Still Quiet: Local History Narrative in Indonesian’s Senior High School History Textbook 2006–2019

1Agus Mulyana, Murdiyah Winarti, Wildan Insan Fauzi


The dissatisfaction of historians has triggered the emergence of local history which seems to be dominated by the ruling regime in writing history. After a long time, local history received less attention, often seen as unimportant, and considered not contextual with national history. The main limitation of this research problem is how are the narration of local history in the year 2006-2019 High School history textbook, in the values, geography, community, social, culture, religion, economy, local community response and national integration aspects? The findings showcase: Firstly, textbooks from lecturer writers delivered more local history material compared to authors from teacher backgrounds because lecturers have more opportunities to access information sources regarding local history material. Secondly, the percentage of local history material in the 2006 Historical Textbook is small, with an average of less than 5%. Local history material in the 2013 Curriculum is also less accommodated by textbook authors, however, in terms of percentage, there is 2% of the average progress of the 2006 curriculum history textbooks. It shows that local history material has not been well accommodated by the Senior High School history textbook's authors. Thirdly, the description of local history material in the 2013 Curriculum history textbook is more complete and complex compared to the writing of the 2006 Curriculum history textbook. Fourthly, many local historical figures are described in the 2013 Curriculum history textbook compared to the 2006 Curriculum history textbook. Fifthly, there are small numbers of local historical narratives that describe the local culture in the 2006 Curriculum history textbooks. The descriptions only revolve around myths and legends of certain local communities and historical narratives about folk songs. While in the 2013 Curriculum history textbook, local culture is illustrated in the form of examples.


Local history, narrative, textbook, 2006 Curriculum, 2013 Curriculum

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IssueIssue 8