Analysis Of Disaster Awareness And Preparedness Among Undergraduate Students In Public Health In High Risk Areas Of Urban Disasters

1Anis Wulandari, Retno Palupi, Windhu Purnomo


Background: Indonesia geographically has high vulnerability to disasters. Urban areas have high social vulnerability thereby increasing the potential risk of disaster impacts. Students, as youth workers have contributive potential in disaster management. Objective: To analyze awareness and preparedness of undergraduate students of Public Health students. Method: A cross sectional study with 105 respondents of undergraduate students Public Health students. The study was conducted using a questionnaire consisting of 23 questions. Results: There were 94 students (89.50%) women, 59 respondents came from students (56.20%) <5th semester, 77 students (771.3%) came from out of town, 53 students (50.50%) had not get education about disaster, 75 students (71.40%) have never received a disaster simulation, 80 students (76.20%) have low experience in disaster and have high knowledge about disasters 59 respondents (56.20%). The level of awareness among students was 59 respondents (56.20%) and low preparedness was 85 respondents (81.00%). Student experience and awareness of disasters is related to student preparedness (p <0.05). Conclusion: Awareness and preparedness of undergraduate students for disasters is still low. The need for increased disaster simulation and training so that students have a picture and experience in dealing with disasters.


Public Health, Disaster Preparedness, Undergraduate students

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IssueIssue 9