Psychosocial Status of Hypertensive Teachers

1Saeed Razzaq Jawad and Hussein Jassim Mohammed


The correlation between hypertension with the psychosocial state of teachers has become common due to the psychological and social pressures they are exposed to as a result of the teaching and psychological stress surrounding them. The study goals are to identify the psychosocial domain of teachers and find out the correlation between psychosocial domain and hypertension of teachers. An appropriate sample of teachers was taken in the Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf city (n = 274) to conduct the research. Questionnaire tools were created by the researcher for collecting the study sample. The questionnaire validity was determined by a committee consisting of (14) experts distributed among (4) colleges. The tool reliability is detected by using of the method test in the study that was conducted and the questionnaire tools were used to collect samples and its value was (0.824). The finding of the study confirmed that the majority of teachers are male (60.6%), and (84.7%) of them live a civilian life, and suffer from the hypertension stage1 (33.6%), and with a fair of the psychosocial level, and there is a strong correlation (p = 0.00) between the hypertension and the Psychosocial status. All teachers have a moderate cognitive (mean of score =2.023) and emotional (mean of score =1.932) level and the majority of them have an a moderate social-behavioral (mean of score =2.076) and general health (mean of score = 2.386) level. I recommend cooperation between the Ministries of Health and Education to early detection of hypertensive teachers and increase teachers ’knowledge about the impact of psychosocial status on hypertension.


Psychosocial Status and Hypertensive Teachers.

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