Teachers' Knowledge about Schools Violence and Intervention programs to School Violence Prevention

1Dr. Kareem Ghadhban Sajem


Descriptive study which employed on 80 teachers in four primary and intermediate schools at Al- Rassafa sector in Baghdad City for during of 2/9/2019 to 2/3/2020 to assess of teachers' knowledge about school violence and teachers' responses towards Interventions Programs which applied in schools’ violence prevention through specific questionnaire was constructed for purposes of study by researcher and review of literature. It was consisted of 5 parts. First part included personal data. Second part included forms of school violence. Third part included causes of school violence. Fourth part included of intervention programs and sixth part concerned to source of information. Data was collected through the personal interview with the researcher. A descriptive statistical approach was used to data analysis by (frequencies, percentages, mean of score). Results of the study indicated that the majority of teachers have well knowledge about school violence related to its forms and causes, but some of effective intervention programs cannot applied when dealing with the prevention and control. Higher percentage of source of information was reported by using of general information. Based on such results, present study was recommended that the awareness programs and intervention strategies may be designed and applied on the teachers, students and parents about how prevent violence in schools, as well as governmental or different social media and comprehensive studies must be focuses on people especially of school’s violence.


Teachers' Knowledge, School Violence, Intervention.

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