Views on Communication and Behavior in the Novel “Sabotul-Ojizin” by Sufi Olloyor

1Maksuda Norbosheva


Eastern thinkers have long concluded that the upbringing of a child is related to the social situation, and it is natural that a change in this situation will affect his upbringing. At present, the world psychological science is also dominated by the approach that communication and interpersonal relationships play an important role in the formation of a child's behavior and psyche. Sufism is one of the most complex ideological currents in the socio-philosophical, cultural and spiritual life of the peoples of Muslim countries, and its propagandists advocated clean and honest living, perfection through hard work, poverty and good behavior. In this book by Sufi Olloyor, there are many ideas rich in socio-psychological and moral content, ideas that promote man and his moral qualities, human values, and they are interpreted from the point of view of mysticism. This article provides a detailed account of the views of Sufi Olloyor, one of the representatives of Turkish mysticism, on the etiquette of communication and behavior.


Sufi Olloyor, Mysticism, Scientist, Morality, Wisdom, Decency, Gentle Word, Sweetness, Ignorance, Goodness, Spiritual Power.

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