Aircraft E-document Security System Design Web-Bases

1Ai Rosita, Rosy Rustamiany, Muhamad Hafila Hardenera, Angga Setiawan Maurika, Jerry Januar Koswara


An aircraft maintenance document is an intangible asset produced by an aircraft factory for sale and distribution to an aircraft maintenance workshop (MRO) company. The development of information technology that continues to advance rapidly has a considerable impact on the presentation of this form of aircraft engineering document information in the form of electronic documents. The efficient use of e-documents has an impact on all aircraft manufacturers and aircraft component vendors using this technology in distributing documents to all customers in various parts of the world through internet media. Sharing aircraft documents via the internet makes security the most important aspect. The design of E-document security with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) begins with the requirement analysis through Abuse analysis and risk analysis. The design of system security is divided into two groups, namely: content security is done by creating restrict and un-restrict PDF files with the use of a Professional PDF nuance device, the second is security with a programming mechanism which includes creating passwords, limiting user access rights, and creating a login time timer. As well as design with the MVC method (Module, View, and Controller).


document, Abuse, risk, MRO, SDLC, Restrict, unrestricted Document, MVC.

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