An Empirical Study on the Service Quality Satisfaction of Customers of Online Shopping with Special Reference to Kannur District of Kerala

1T.P.P. Rasna and Dr.S. Susila


In the worldwide, for today’s generation technology has become a basic necessities of their life. Whatever activities people have indulged in technology has become inevitable, people depend more on technology for meeting their daily busy life schedules and time constraints. The uptrend in technology adoption such as the increasing budding up of electronic gadgets such as mobiles, smart phones and tablets and access to the internet through broad band 3G/4G have become major driving factor for increase in the online consumer base of the country. According to Statista in the year 2017 about 23.93% of Indian population used their mobile phone to access the internet and it is expected to increase to 34.85% by 2022 suggesting that India has a huge market for digital and mobile sales. It estimate that India will have more than 850 million online users by 2025 more than the combined population of G7 countries For grabbing this wide opportunities many online shopping sites had proliferated up with tremendous offers and greater services. Apart from other product features Service quality is the prime factor which influence the customer purchase decision. Among the wide pool of online shopping sites customers select their preferable site based on the quality satisfaction level they have received from their previous purchases or from the wordings received from friends and relatives. Reasonable price variety goods and attractive services has made many young generation customers attracted to online shopping. The study is intended to understand the service quality satisfaction with related to online shopping sites and the level of satisfaction based on the product, online site and the frequency of online shopping The study is limited to Kannur district of Kerala state. The data has been collected among the 152 online customers ranging from 18-55years of age group. The result of the study will provide a valuable reference to the e marketers to understand the level of their service quality satisfaction among the people of Kannur District.


Online Shopping, Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality.

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