Present of Causal Model of Effective Cognitive Factors on Academic Dishonesty with Emphasize on Self-Efficiency Mediating Role and Metacognitive of First Secondary School Students in Shiraz

1Saeed Talebi, Ahmad Rastegar and Matin Farid


The aim of current research was presenting causal model of effective psychology factors on academic dishonesty with emphasize on self-efficacy and metacognitive of Shiraz first secondary school students. According to, chose 360 of Shiraz first secondary school students by random-stratified sampling method and answered to academic dishonesty questionnaires as Mc Cabe & Trenive (2000), academic self-efficacy beliefs (ASEBQ) by Zajacova et al. (2005), Ryan & Frederick vitality (1997) and Baer et al. mindfulness (2006). Data analysis was performed by path analytical method and AMOS software. Data analysis results showed mindfulness direct effect on metacognitive is 0/29. Addition to, direct effect of emotional intelligence (0/19) on academic selfefficacy (0/21) is significant. While direct effect of mental vitality on metacognitive is 0/24 and direct effect of metacognitive on academic dishonesty is -0/34. So, current research results show suitable fit of causal model of effective cognitive psychology factors on academic dishonesty of Shiraz first secondary school students.


Causal Model, Academic Dishonesty, Self-Efficacy, Metacognitive, First Secondary School.

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