Marketing Intelligence as a Tool for Strategic Enterprise Management

1Olena Mital


In this research we tried to answer some questions inadequately treated in the literature regarding the role of marketing intelligence in strategic planning of enterprise management. The article inquires into the matters of the essence, role, and importance of marketing information for making operational, tactical and strategic management decisions. It describes the main components of the marketing intelligence system and the lines of marketing research. The necessity of using marketing intelligence system in enterprise’s practice has been substantiated. The obstacles to the implementation of marketing intelligence as an effective mechanism for increasing the enterprise’s competitive capacity were identified. The main tasks of the paper are to analyze and generalize the theoretical aspects of the marketing intelligence concept’s essence definition; to consider the most important instruments in the context of management decisions adoption by the top management of Ukrainian enterprises. We propose marketing intelligence systems introduction at Ukrainian enterprises in order to be able to react flexibly to a different market situation and thereby ensure the stability of enterprise growth. In further research, it is necessary to pay attention to the implementation of various tools of marketing intelligence in the structure of strategic management of the enterprise to achieve competitive advantages and increase the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.


marketing information, marketing intelligence, strategic planning, enterprise management.

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IssueIssue 8