The Models of Integrated Area Renovation

1Vasiliy I. Svetlakov, Andrey I. Mokhov, Larisa A. Mokhova and Evgeny A. Borovoy


The article aims at revealing the regularities in the area renovation on the criterion of increasing the level of capitalization of these territories on the basis of modeling changes in their multilayer structure. In turn, the regularities found become an important tool in the revitalization of investors of such territorial reorganization. The methods used in the study included infographic modeling and complex engineering of combining the activities of participants in the complex area renovation. Infographic modeling is used to visualize the processes of creating the technological environment of the territory and to distinguish approaches to the formation of the products of the territory demanded by the consumer in the process of functioning of the technological environment. The complex technology integration of the participants of the area renovation is proposed by the authors as a generalized method of coordination institutional investment and impact on the territory aimed at sustainable functioning. The results of the study are visual representations of the mechanisms of complex area renovation and the assessment of changes in the level of capitalization of the territory in connection with the steps taken to change its functioning. The conclusions of this article are reasonable recommendations for the integrated area renovation.


Capitalization, Integrated Area Renovation, Complex Objects of Investment, Complex Technology, Modeling, Assessment of Optimal Distribution of Investment Resources, Technological Environment.

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IssueIssue 3