Development and Integration a Smart Trolley with Automatic Billing and Inventory Control System

1CH. Brahmaiah and S. Shanthi


In metro cities on public holidays we will see a huge rush at shopping malls. When there are big sales and discounts, that becomes even more. People buy a variety of items just a few days and place them in the trolley. After one will approach counter for billing purposes during the total purchase. The cashier prepares the bill by using the barcode reader which is a time-consuming operation. This results in long queues on the billing counters. This project introduces an idea to develop a system for solving the above problem in shopping malls. Both items in the mall should be labeled with RFID tags to achieve this and all trolleys should be equipped with a RFID reader and an LCD screen. When any product is put in the trolley, the tag will automatically be identified, the item name and cost will be shown on the LCD, adding the cost to the total bill. When we wish to remove the product from the trolley, you may take the product away and the quantity of that particular product is deducted from the total quantity and the same information is transferred to the central billing unit through Zigbee module. Therefore the payment can be handled in the trolley itself, saving the customers a lot of time.


RFID (Tags and Reader), Arduino, Zigbee (Transmitter and Receiver), LCD, Connecting Wires, Trolley.

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