The pedagogical management: The professional performance of the teacher and their influence

1Juana Maricela Quintana Loor, Ángela María Cevallos Cedeño, María Rodríguez Gámez


This article aims to analyze the theoretical elements that underpin the efficient pedagogical management process to understand its importance within the educational system and its influence on professional teaching performance. An assessment was proposed on the essential aspects to be taken into account in the process that enables the teacher to direct his self-preparation towards the teaching function, based on his training needs, from a pedagogical vision that favors the constant reanalysis of information on the ways of acting. Far from providing a further descriptive study, to the studies carried out by different authors, the aim was to analyze the implications of the pedagogical management of different approaches within said system. It was pointed out as a scientific problem How to contribute to a quality teaching performance through the pedagogical management process? For its development, the inductive-deductive methods were applied; analysis-synthesis; bibliographic review and observation. A qualitative, non-experimental approach was used. The theoretical analysis developed constitutes a guideline for the improvement of methods that allow teachers to raise the quality of their professional performance.


Pedagogical management, self-preparation, self-training, interactive collaborative, methods.

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IssueIssue 8