Legal Review Of Action Physicians That Do Not Give Patients Diagnosis Results To Patients (Case Study Of Medan High Court's Decision No. 33 / Pdt / 2015 / Pt-Mdn)

1Nurhayani, Nurlaeli Awaliah, Nurhayati, Shinta Oktavien


The patient has the right to know the diagnosis results related to the body and the disease. The patient's rights are regulated in article 52 of Law No. 29 of 2004 concerning Medical Practice. This thesis aims to find out how the provisions or procedures for providing diagnosis from the doctor to the patient or the patient's family and whether the actions of a doctor who do not provide diagnostic results to the patient's family can be categorized as acts against the law. The research method used is normative legal research, namely research conducted by examining library materials. In Law No.29 of 2004 article 45 paragraph (3) regulates medical ethics in which the obligations of a doctor are clearly regulated that a patient who comes to him consciously or not and without a guardian or guardian must first obtain an explanation of the patient's condition through the examination and then the doctor provides the diagnosis of results related to the patient's illness. The doctor must submit the results of the diagnosis to the patient or the patient's family. In the event that the doctor does not convey the results of the diagnosis to the patient or the patient's family, the action can be said as an illegal act.


Patients, diagnoses, acts against the law.

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