Electroencephalogram (EEG) based object control

1Narender Mallishetty, B.Afzal Khan, E.Chandiran, A.R.Jagadeesh, N.Yuga, A.Ariffa Thasneem


The total population of the planet is around 7.7 billion over which 5.4 million are paralysed. Paralysis is the incapability of a person to move the affected part of his body. In day-to-day life these disabled people face many problems.Always need additional support and help to satisfy even their basic needs. Several researches has been made to provide an efficient solution for paralysed people to reduce their dependencies for basic needs. One such efficient solution is proposed in this paper. The paper's main purpose is to help disabled people turn ON and OFF the common electrical devices such as light, fan, etc. by measuring and tracking the brain's neural activity electrophysiologically. The electrical activity of the brain is obtained using neurosky sensor. The obtained brain signals are sent to the processor by Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Whenever a person needs to turn on the electrical device, the meditation level of that person increases. The processor checks for the threshold attention condition in the obtained data. If the obtained value exceeds the threshold condition, the electronic device is turned ON. When the attention level of that person increases, the device is turned OFF. Thus, the basic assistance for the paralysed people can be provided.


Brain Control Interface(BCI), Internet of Things(IoT), Object control.

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IssueIssue 8