The leadership sports behavior of volleyball coaches from the female players’ point of view

1Nidaa Yasir Farhood


The leadership behavior of the volleyball coach has an effective role in the success of the training process in order to achieve and reach the goals. The research objective was to identify the levels of leadership behavior of volleyball coaches from the players point of view. The descriptive approach was used in the survey method, and the research sample included females volleyball coaches for the season (2018-2019). They were (6) coaches, assessing their leadership behavior (72) players representing (6) clubs.These clubs were (Amanat Baghdad, Al-Shabab, AlKhalis, Al-Fatah, Korat Qosh) . The scale Consisting of (38) paragraphs, representing (5) dimensions was administered. Scientific methods have been used Appropriate to reach the results. Among the conclusions that emerged from the research is the clear interaction between the coach and the players in building the team strategy, and the competent leadership of the coach in the education, guidance, education, awareness and training of the players. Among the recommendations is to work to establish social and educational ties between players and coaches. And work to accept the views of the players regarding training through the adoption of constructive, substantive and active dialogue.


leadership sports behavior, volleyball coaches, female players.

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