Perceived Social Support and Depression in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Sufferers: Mediating Role of Illness Perception and Coping Strategies

1Fatemeh Sadat Ghorbaninia , *Nader Monirpour , Mehdi Pezeshki Modarres


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as a chronic disorder in gastrointestinal system, affects various aspects of the individuals' life. A vast majority of individuals with IBD suffer from depression signs more than general population. This study was designed to investigate appropriateness of a structural model of depression assessment, based on Perceived Social Support, and mediating role of illness perception and coping strategies.In a correlational study, 268 IBD patients were selected by purposive sampling from the Clinic of Liver and Digestive Research Center of Qom province. They completed the BDI-PC depression scale, Coping Strategies Questionnaire, Illness perception Questionnaire (short form), and Perceived Social Support scale. Data were analyzed through Lisrel software by the structural equation modeling.significant other and friends domains of Perceived Social Support can through Illness perception and coping strategies, predict depression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. But are not able to directly determine of depression variance and is not significant.In conclusion, findings support mediating role of illness perception and coping strategies between Perceived Social Support and depression in IBD Patients.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Depression, Perceived Social Support, Illness Perception, Coping Strategies

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