The Effect of Innovative Matrix Strategy on Achievement of Second Grade Intermediate Students in Science

1Najam eamir najam, Ibtisam Jafar Jawad, Abdulameer Khalaf Aret


The research aims to identify the impact of the strategy of the innovative matrix in the achievement of second grade students of the average subject of science, and to verify the goal of the researcher developed a zero hypothesis which states: The average grades of the control group students who will study according to the usual method in the test of achievement of science, and in order to verify them applied his experience in the second half of the academic year (2019-2020). The research sample consisted of (70) second grade students in middle school, and were randomly distributed to two groups (35) students in each group, and the two groups were rewarded in the following variables: chronological age, IQ test scores, half year In the light of the relative importance of the content and behavioral purposes, an achievement test was constructed of (40) multiple-choice items. The researcher has verified the characteristics of psychometric testing. The experiment lasted (8) weeks. The two groups then analyzed the results and showed the superiority of students The experimental group who studied according to the strategy of the innovative matrix on the control group who studied in the usual way in the academic achievement variable,


Innovative Matrix Strategy, Intermediate Second Grade, Science, Achievement

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