Integrated Causal Factors of Psychological and Situational Predictors Regarding Fellowship Behaviors of Youths

1Anan Yaemyuean


This research aimed to seek important causal factors, volume of predictions and orders of predictors in psychological traits group, situations group and psychological state group regarding fellowship behavior of youths in the community. This study examined comparative relation based on fundamental concepts of the interactionism theory. The samples included 480 youths who were randomly selected with multi-stage and quota sampling method. Multiple regression analysis of enter and stepwise formats and three-way analysis of variance were applied for analyzing data in main group and 6 sub-groups. The findings revealed that 10 independent variables could predict fellowship behavior 1) in main group for 40.40 % with key predictors of need for achievement, social norms, mental health and good attitude towards good citizenship behavior in democratic way with beta valued at 370, .145,-.139, and .125, respectively, and 2) could predict the sub-groups varied from 36.70-45.30% with highest predictability at 51.20 % among male youths in the community. The study result indicated guidelines of essential research and development in order to strengthen the youths to have appropriate behaviors of fellowship.


Fellowship Behaviors, Integrated Causal Factors, Youths, Psychological traits, Situation

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