Using A Narrative Policy Framework To See Forest And Land Fire Control In Bengkalis Regency Riau Province

1Dia Meirina Suri, Achmad Nurmandi, Zuli Qodir, Faris Al-Fadhat, Rendi Prayuda


Forest fires and land in Indonesia, especially in the region of Bengkalis, Riau province occurs due to various factors ranging from accidentally burned and summer that happened in Riau province. The Government issued policies on the control of forest and land fires but the case of forest fires and land is always happening every year. The purpose of this research is to look at the role of narrative produced by the media when forest fires and land occur in forming a policy. The method used is narrative policy frame work by looking at the narrative or public opinion of policy actors, governments, and communities about the fires of forest and land that occur, in the media stands Pekanbaru and Kompas with a focus seen on the three main variables of the Narrrative Policy Framework, namely policy problems, solutions and characters. The findings suggest that policy issues are present in the implementation of policies, people who are be victims.


policy, narrative policy, forest fires and land, control

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