To Assess the Perception of Wellbeing Among Senior Citizens

1Swapnali Mahadeo Tilwe, *Mrs. Nutan J. Potdar, Dr. Mahadeo B. Shinde, DR. Vaishali R. Mohite, Sangita Patil, Shivaji PawarKarad Ajit Anandrao Pawar


Psychological problems arise as old age people are not able to respond to stimuli as they could earlier.People face frequent issues as bodily helplessness, financial insecurity, loneliness, improved leisure time, loss of spouse, lack of social aid and health complaints and many others inthis age. which influences the psychological well-being of old age people.To achieve wellbeing,it is necessary to maintain a good physical as well as cognitive function of elderly man.To Investigate the perception of Wellbeing among Senior Citizens.A descriptive survey design was used to conduct the study among elderly people with age 60yrs and above in selected area of rural community karad. 100 participants were selected by convenient sampling technique.After obtaining permission from the setting, the patients were askedto take part willinglyin the study and informed consent was obtained. After collecting the demographic data, perception of Wellbeing data was collected by using 18 itemsstructured psychological wellbeing scale. Mean (±SD) with a maximum possible score 106. Out of 100 senior citizens 18% were having good perception of wellbeing, 68% were having average perception of wellbeing.14% were having poor perception of wellbeing.Majority of samples were having average perception of wellbeing. To improve psychological wellbeing among senior citizens makes it possible to plan preventive measures, identify needs and establish priorities for action. Thus, a better knowledge of this reality can lead to improve their perception of wellbeing.


Senior Citizen, Psychological Wellbeing, Elderly people.

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