Drainage and distribution of heavy liquids by mixing fluid phases with inert gas in bubble extractor

1 Ikromali Karimov


The article explores the process of grinding heavy liquids into droplets by mixing fluid phases with inert gas on an experimental device of a bubble extractor. The main working parts of the apparatus are made of glass for easy visualization of heavy liquid droplets and visualization of film and photography.The ratio of total phase and dispersion phase to the device is set at 3/1. Depending on the mixing time at the constant phase velocity values, the gas velocities were given at different values and the droplet distribution and size distribution were determined by experiments. The regression equations were processed using the computer.Based on the results of the experimental studies, the total surface diameters of the droplets were determined.A formula for calculating the total surface diameter of droplets, which is important in calculating mass transfer processes, depending on the physical and chemical properties of liquids, is proposed, and theoretical and experimental values are compared. The calculations have fully confirmed the proposed formula. As a result of the research, it was possible to determine the surface surface diameter and the inter-phase comparison surfaces of the dispersion phase drop, which is one of the main factors determining the effectiveness of the proposed bubble extractor.


gas velocity, fluid velocity, mixing zone, droplet diameter, distribution, fraction, volume surface diameter, mixing time, surface tension, viscosity, density.

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IssueIssue 8