A systematic literature review on customers’ behavioral intention and directions for future research

1*Dalal khalid Alsahliy, Rohaizat bin Baharun


A better understanding of customers‟ behavioral intention remains a primary concern for marketing researchers. There is a big bulk of literature on the topic, however, there has been no recent effort to review these studies systematically in order to make them useful for researchers and practitioners. Therefore, there is a need to synthesise the evidence regarding the accuracy and usefulness of existing studies. As such, the objective of this paper is to review the related literature on Customers’ behavioural intention in financial products with specific reference to insurance in the span 2012-2019. This review employed a systematic method to collect, synthesise, and analyse 76 articles on the topic. The findings reveal that the majority of the literature focused on existing customers’ intention to pay, purchase, use, practice and adopt certain products or services. Nevertheless, there is a gap concerning potential customers’ intention, especially in Islamic insurance. Moreover, certain big Islamic insurance markets in assets, such as Saudi Arabia, still in its infantry concerning customers’ adoption. As such, more effort and attention should be exerted by decision makers and Islamic financial organizations to attract those potential customers.


Behavioural Intention, Systematic review, Financial products, insurance, Banking

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