Design And Implementation of Combinational And Sequential Circuits Using Reversible Logic

1K. Manikanta Dr. R.Purushotham Naik


Reversible logic is the emerging Field nowadays in research area. The aim of this Paper is to realize the different types of combinational And sequential circuits like 1- bit full adder/full sub tractor, 2-bit comparator and d=Latch , D-Flipflop4-bit Johnson counter using reversible logic gates with minimum Quantum cost. There are many reversible logical gates like Feynman ,fredkin , peares , TR , BJN Toffoli gates etc. Reversible logic is nothing butIf the number of inputs are equal to the number of outputs i.e., if there is B-number of inputs and M-number of outputs are present than B=M and there is must be a unique mapping. Between the inputs and outputs. REVERSIBLE LOGIC: Boolean logic is said to be reversible if the set of inputs are equal to the set of outputs.There is unique correspondence between the inputs and outputs.THEME OF REVERSIBLE LOGIC:QUANTUM COST: The implementation cost of a quantum circuits is more precise, Quantum cost is defined as the number of elementary quantum operations needed to realize a gate.


Reversible logic Full adder/full sub tractor, B.SPEED OF COMPUTATION: quantum costed-flip flop, Johnson counter.

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