Emotional Intelligence In Relation To Stress Management of Higher Secondary Students

1Dr.K.Geetha, Dr.T.Komalavalli


Most researchers have investigated the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic stress among school students(Kauts, 2018;Baqutayan,Ghafar and Gul, 2017). The purpose of the study is to investigate the emotional intelligence in relation stress management of higher secondary students. In order to measure emotional intelligence, Emotional Intelligence Inventory Dr. S.K.Mangal and Mrs. ShubhraMangal and for assessing the level of stress management, scale constructed and standardized byDr.S.Malathi, Dr.S.Vasanthi&Dr.S.Chamundeswari (2008) were used. A sample consisted of two hundred and sixty adolescent students participated in this research who were selected by random sampling. In order to analyze data, Pearson’s correlation and t-test were used. Findings revealed that there is significant correlation between emotional intelligence and stress management of higher secondary students. It is revealed a significant difference exists with respect to gender and girls were more in emotional intelligence and stress management level than boys. With regard to type of school, it is observed that Government and private school students were similar in emotional intelligence but in stress management level, Government school students were effective in managing their stress than private school students. Based on the findings, recommendations were made.


Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Gender, Type of School.

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IssueIssue 10