Skill Enhancement - A Platform For Engineering Employability

1Dr. P. John Paul, Olivia Lazarus, Ratna Srinivasan


Global challenges are umpteen with unemployment topping the table. The problem further deepens when employability is pitted in. This raises serious doubts about the present day education system which becomes questionable. The employability factor gets aggravated when the quality of the job seekers becomes a hindrance to the employers. Unemployment and employability are indeed very grave challenges posing a serious threat to the country. This problem necessitates immediate corrective action by all the stakeholders. The technical education in India, particularly in the engineering stream has not been successful in nurturing practical skills. A student with a good memory can excel academically in this stream as memorizing has been the order of the day. In this backdrop practicality, communication, generic and professional skills and creativity have lost their relevance. This study was mooted in the persuasion of these skills for employability. The aim is to analyze the challenges of the present day education system in the scenario of the engineering stream and the gaps hampering employability. It seeks to get an insight into the requirement of the industry for recruitment and reforms in the technical education system required thereof for better employment and employability.


Communication Skills, Creativity, Educational Reforms, Employability Gaps, Generic Skills, Practicality, and Stakeholders

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IssueIssue 10