A Capable And Constructed Plan To Share Data For Mobile Cloud Computing

1B. Kezia Rani, J.Surendiran


We have introduced a completely new system to control two-factor authentication access (FA two-factor) for cloud-based cloud computing services, especially within our two-way access control system, which is a web-based control mechanism. Access to features that involve a secret person key and a lightweight security device are implemented. Since the user cannot communicate somewhere after both are absent, the mechanism can improve machine comfort, especially in individual scenarios where many users share exactly the same computer for web-based cloud services. For your default account / password based system. First, traditional account / password authentication does not maintain privacy. Within the signature or understanding formula, it takes the main factor with SEM. In addition, the feature-based control within the system also allows the cloud server to limit the use of individual users while maintaining the same amount of features while maintaining user privacy, which means that the cloud server only understands that the client is compatible. The right datum has no idea the exact identity within the username. In the form of signature verification or file encryption, you take the customer's public key with the corresponding identity. Finally, we run a feasibility simulation within our proposed bidirectional system.


Fine-grained, two-factor, access control, Web services

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IssueIssue 10