Knowledge of Educational - Staff in Technical Institute of Karbala towards Ebola Virus Disease

1Balqees Sadoon Jasim, Maytham Salim AL-Nasrawii2 & Ali Neamah Hasan Al-Aaragi


Background: The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak had dangerous consequences throughout the world, considering a major threat to public health. The current study assessed the information of educational- staff in the Technical Institute of Karbala towards Ebola Virus Disease. Subjects & Methods: Across sectional survey study using with an interviewer administered questionnaire. Data collected from a random sample of 200 educational staff in the Technical Institute of Karbala, regarding their knowledge about the Ebola Virus Disease. Statistical analysis done by using Chi-Square (χ2) test. Result: - For a total of all participants, who completed the questionnaire, more than half of the respondents (61%) had adequate knowledge. There was no significant difference in age groups with occupation, while there was high association (p-value < 0.05) in certificate, specialty and genders. Television is the first influencer (91%) on the information of participants. Conclusion: In spite of good knowledge level as in general, but we recommended to increase the understanding about how the disease can be transmission and prevented infection with EVD.


Knowledge, Ebola Virus Disease, Educational – Staff, Karbala

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IssueIssue 9