Self Esteem Moderation on Job Satisfaction and Nurse Performance

1Lembah Andriani Sulistyaning Dyah, Margono Setiawan, Dodi W. Irawanto, Fatchur Rohman


Hospital is an integral part of the health service system with various types of services, successfull of service and human resource satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of self esteem as a moderating relationship of job satisfaction on nurse performance. This research is an explanatory survey research with cross sectional approach to nurses in the field of human resources. The research approach is quantitative with the unit of research analysis is the nurse of the mother and child hospital. The sample size of the study were 295 respondents, with a sampling technique using proportional random sampling and the Slovin formula. Data analysis techniques using the Structural Equation Model with PLS Warp analysis tools. The APC, ARS and AARS value were 0.236, 0.244 and 0.337 with a significance <0.001 which means the model was fit. Thus it can be interpreted that the model was good to explain the phenomenon under study. Ideally the recommended value for both measures should be ≤3.3. The AVIF value on the model was 1.305 and the AFVIF value was 1.545, it means there was no collinierity problem in the research model. Hypothesis testing in this study was showed the Self Esteem has no significant to moderate nursing satisfaction on nursing performance. The effect of Self Esteem moderation on nurse satisfaction and performance was negative.


Job satisfaction, nurse performance, self esteem

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