The Role of Optimal Utilization of Local Resources in Support of the State Budget (An Applied Study in Iraqi Reality for the Period After 2003)

1Ahmed Meri Ahmed, Muayyed Abdul Husain Al –Fadel


The study aims to achieve shedding light on the concept of optimal utilization of available local resources, whether this relates to Oil resources, Water resources, Agricultural Resources (palm products) and Religious tourism resources , Searching for other sources of financial resources needed to support the state's general budget can enter this budget. Disclosing the areas of financial and administrative corruption in wasting local resources, in a manner that leads to limiting the phenomenon. Maintaining local resources in the same governorate in order to develop and modernize the industrial infrastructure as well as to support services. Addressing all forms of financial and administrative corruption and working to support investment bodies in the local government. Adopting the indicators of effectiveness and efficiency in the exploitation of local resources and putting the right man in the right place in order to achieve the optimal utilization of local resources in a way that ultimately supports the state budget.


optimal utilization, local resources, state budget

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IssueIssue 8