Delphi Technique: The Future Of Vocational Learning Skills

1Irdayanti Mat Nashir, Ramlee Mustapha, Mohamed Nor Azhari Azman, Siti Hafsyah Idris, Dwi Esti Andriani, Muhammad Ridzuan Idris, Nurul Nazirah Imam Ma’arof


This article explains the development of checklist which is related with future of vocational learning skills by using the Delphi techniques. The Delphi technique provides the opportunity for researchers to gather input from participants without requiring them to work face-to-face. Often, the process is used to find consensus among experts who have dif erent views and perspectives. The Delphi technique enables group problem-solving using an iterative process of problem definition, discussion, feedback, and revisions. This paper will discuss the basics of the Delphi techniques, its application potential, the selection of expert panels and the means on how consensus can be reached among the participants using examples of our past research using the technique. This article also provides Rasch analysis to find reliability in checklist. The value of realibility must achieve 0.71 – 0.99 in good fit. The 11 out of 13 domain of the future learning skills have found in this research.


Delphi technique, technical and vocational education, expert panels, future learning skills, checklist, instruments, Rasch analysis

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