Information Systems Applications on The Organizational Level

1Meiryani, Jajat Sudrajat, Zaidi Mat Daud, Yanti


Management can be divided into three levels, namely the lower level (operational level), intermediate level (tactical level) and upper level (strategic level). Because each level of management performs dif erent activities, they also need dif erent information. Because the information needed is dif erent, the information system used is also dif erent. Information systems at the operating level support operations managers to carry out their activities. The main purpose of information systems at this level is to answer routine questions for the purpose of controlling the flow of transactions that occur in the organization. Information systems include expert systems (SP) or expert systems (ES), artificial neural networks (JNB) or artificial neural networks (ANN), decision support systems or decision support systems (DSS) or group support systems (DSS) GSS), geographic information systems (GIS) or geographic information systems (GIS). Information system at the top level used for strategic planning and problem solving. Information systems at this strategic level are executive information systems (SIE) or executive information systems (EIS) or executive support systems (ESS). Information systems that connect to three management levels are of ice automation systems (SOK) or of ice automation systems (AOS).


Information Systems, Application, Organizational Level, Expert System, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems

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