Person Job Fit and its impact on organizational health

1DR .Majeed Hameed Taher, DR. Khalid Mahdi Salih, Dr. Hadeel Kadhim Saaed


The research aims to show the role of Person job fit as an independent variable in organizational health as a dependent variable. The variables of the current research have gained more attention in the recent period because they are among the important topics affecting the future of organizations. To achieve this goal, it was applied on a sample of the General Company for Petroleum Products, whose number reached (90) individuals, and data was collected by the questionnaire as a main tool, to extract a set of conclusions that contribute to raising the level of organizational health in the company under discussion and based on the importance of the research topic In public service organizations, and the prominent role that the General Petroleum Products Company plays because its activity is related to the sustainability of the daily life of the citizen, a descriptive analytical approach has been adopted in the completion of this research, and a number of statistical methods have been used to process data, including: arithmetic mean, standard deviation , Linear and simple correlation coefficient (Pearson) and simple linear regression. As for the most prominent conclusions, it was represented: that there is an effective and fundamental effect of Person job fit in influencing the levels of organizational health in the General Petroleum Products Company.


Person job fit, organizational health

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