The Empowerment Model Of Terminated Contract Workers As Creative Industry Enterpreuner

1Samidjo, Setuju, Suparmin, Bayu Rahmat Setyadi


This study aims to find a model of empowerment of contracted workers to become entrepreneurs in the creative industries. This research is a type of research and development (R&D). Sources of research data consisted of 90 contracted laborers, 3 managers of the Special Work Exchange, 2 officials of the Kerka Training Center, 2 managers of the Special Work Exchange Association, and 3 industry managers. Data were collected by questionnaire and interview, and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Stages in the study include (1) data collection, (2) development of conceptual models, (3) justification of the model by experts, (4) Focus Group Discussion (FGD), (5) model revision, (6) model testing, (7) ) revision and finalization of the model. The model of empowering contracted laborers to become entrepreneurs in the creative industry produced consists of 6 stages, namely stage (1) identification of contracted workers and their specialization, (2) preparation of training materials, (3) preparation of training tools and trainers, (4) implementation training, (5) entrepreneurship incubation, (6) mentoring. The training material consists of specialization materials that are subject matter, entrepreneurship / business management, and offline and online marketing. Three alternative training implementations are (1) in cooperation with accredited LPK, (2) in cooperation with Kerka Training Center, or (3) independently organized training providers.


empowerment, contracted labor, entrepreneurship, creative industries

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