Food Insecurity Mapping to Improve the Survival of Rural Communities in Garut District of West Java

1Rina Rifqie Mariana, Mohammad Efendi, Malizal Widaningsih


Food insecurity mapping interest to know the condition of rural communities in Garut District, West Java, Indonesia. Based on the national food insecurity indicators and Food Insecurity Atlas (FIA) are result the nine indicators reflecting which is have three pillars of food security, i.e. food availability, food access, and food utilisation. In this paper, we have studied nine villages to find the status of food insecurity priority. Then our result of study has five policies from the Garut local Government such as; (1) establishing a monthly programme called Food and Nutrition Security System (SKPG), (2) direct assistance in the form of food staples, (3) developing Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas (FSVA), (4) improving access to food, and (5) developing self-sufficient villages. After the implementations for three years the categorie of food insecurity decrease significant the level of food security from priority the first to the three rank. The food insecurity mapping will developed rural communities in Garut more give a life status of social more better.


food insecurity, FIA, SKPG, FSVA, food security, rural communities

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