Implementation Effects of Green Supply Chain Management in the Manufacturing Enterprises – An Empirical Study



Sustainable development and saving of environment are now recognized globally as overriding imperative to protect the earth from the activity inflicted on it by the human. The number of organizations contemplating the integration of environmental practices into their strategic plans and operations is continuously increasing. At present, environmental issues in supply chain are growing owing to wider debate on how industry meets the challenges of sustainability. Increasing pressures from a variety of directions have caused the supply chain managers to consider and initiate implementation of green supply chain management to improve both their economic and environmental performance. For that reason, this research looks to find answers to the implementation effects of green supply chain management practices. By adopting simple random sampling, 246 medium scale manufacturing enterprises i.e. 25 per cent of the population were selected for this study. The present study is empirical in character based on survey method. The secondary data are mainly congregated from published and unpublished works on the related topics. As an essential part of the study, the primary data were collected from 246 medium scale manufacturing enterprises with the help of questionnaire. The study reveals that enterprises having existence for 16-20 years, enterprises having an investment of Rs. 6.26-7.50 crore, sole proprietary form of enterprises, food processing enterprises, ISO certified enterprises, and enterprises located in Thiruvallur district have higher acceptance towards implementation effects of GSCM practices. The researcher suggested various measures to improve the effectiveness of the green supply chain management practices of the select medium scale manufacturing enterprises in Tamil Nadu.


Green supply chain management, green business, green manufacturing, green marketing, environmental sustainability, etc.

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