Clinical Profile And Evaluation of Patients of Malignant Testicular Tumors

1Kushagra Singh, Meenakshi Yeola


Malignant tumors of testis amount to 1% of all cancers in men. There is a clear evidence of an increased incidence of these tumors in past 30 years. Demographic studies on malignant testicular tumors have been mainly performed in European countries. Demographics for Central India have been less thoroughly evaluated. The aim is to study the clinical profile and investigations (radiological, tumor markers, histopathological) in patients of testicular malignancy. In the present study patients with symptoms or signs suggestive of Malignant Testicular tumors will be included. Thorough history and clinical examination followed by ultrasonography of abdomen and pelvis and inguinoscrotal region, tumor markers and further radiological investigations will be done and decision of management will be taken. We are expecting young males in the age group of 20-40 to be presenting with complaints of painless lump in scrotum. Clinically we will notice a hard-painless swelling in scrotum. Ultrasonography may give impression of suspected testicular malignancy. Tumor markers may be raised. Radiological investigations will reveal metastasis of the tumor. Histopathology will reveal the type of tumor. Co-relation between all modalities will be observed. The results in our studies go along with the global trends and we can conclude that the demographics, clinical profile, radiological, tumor markers, and histopathology co-relates with each other. The management protocols hence also stands true for Indian scenario as well


testis, cancer, carcinoma, malignant, rural, central, India, metastasis, lump, swelling, chest pain, dyspnea, breathlessness, pain, painless

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