Enhancing the Security of Medical Data Using Time Stamp Series

1R. Surya and G. Charlyn Pushpa Latha


Since blockchain was presented through Bitcoin, look into has been continuous to broaden its applications to non-money related use cases. Human services are one industry in which blockchain is normal to have huge effects. Research right now moderately new yet developing quickly; in this way, wellbeing informatics analysts and specialists are continually battling to stay up with inquiring about advancement right now. This paper writes about a precise survey of the progressing research in the use of blockchain innovation in medicinal services. The survey shows that various investigations have proposed diverse use cases for the utilization of blockchain in social insurance; be that as it may, there is an absence of satisfactory model usage and studies to portray the viability of these proposed use cases. The survey further features the cutting edge in the advancement of blockchain applications for human services, their constraints and the regions for future research. To this end, in this way, there is as yet the requirement for more research to all the more likely comprehend, describe and assess the utility of blockchain in human services.


Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Character, Confirmation, Hyperledger, Cloud.

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IssueIssue 5