The Effect of Different Dose of Rifampicin on Induction Apoptosis in Renal Cells of Male White Rats

1Ali A. Ghazzay


The present study was aimed to detect the effect of rifampicin on the apoptotic pathway in the rat renal cells, the experimental animals divided randomly into four groups, each group consist of 10 rats, the group 1 consider as control group and administrated with distilled water for period 28 days while the rest groups administrated with gastric dose (50,100,150 mg/kg) respectively for period 28 days. the rifampicin started promote apoptosis in renal cells was evaluated histologically by aiding scanning electron microscope (S.E.M) techniques tissue of animals treated with the low dose of rifampicin , there are small blebs on the surface of the outer cell with few pores in it and the surface in general appears smooth with the presence of red blood cells indicating bleeding, while the animals treated with the moderate dose shows the presence of more numerous blebs than the low group, and the outer surface appears rough and perforated, while for the group of animals treated with high dose, it showed the presence of many blebs with a clear perforation of the surface.


Apoptosis, Rifampicin, S.E.M,

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