The Competency of English Language Teachers in Implementing the English Language Literacy Programme

1Suhaimi Abdul Wahid, Sanitah Mohd Yusof*, Noor Azean Atan and Halijah Ibrahim


The teachers’ competency level was investigated from four related aspects which are knowledge competency, teaching skills competency, assessment and evaluation competency, and professional values and behaviour competency. A total of 141 English language literacy teachers from 83 primary schools in Pontian, Johor were involved with this study. The research design is through the use of a questionnaire which intended to measure the competency level of respondents. Data that had been collected is analyzed with Statistical Package for The Social Science (SPSS 12.0) to find the mean, frequency and standard deviation. ANOVA and t-test were used to analyze the hypothesis. The findings showed that the level of competency is high for the knowledge, teaching skills, assessment and evaluation, and professional values and behaviour aspects. As for the hypothesis, there are no significant differences in the competency of the English language teachers across the school zones, teaching experience, and gender factors. Implications of the study were discussed which then followed by a few proposals of the study to the stakeholders such as English teachers that are involved with the LINUS Bahasa Inggeris (LBI) programme, the school administrators, local education authorities (District Education Office and the State Education Department), and the Ministry of Education.


Competency Level, Literacy, English Language Teacher, Knowledge, Teaching Skill, Assessment and Evaluation, LINUS Bahasa Inggeris Programme.

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